This site is not affiliated with Slightly Mad Studios and/or the Project CARS franchise. The liveries on this site were created during the development of Project CARS 2 by myself.

Event posters

Below you'll find a selection of some in-game Event Posters I've created as a WMD member.


Renault Sport RS01 Trophy

Rennsport Revival US Championship

RX Lites European Trophy

RX Lites International Championship

RX Lites Regional DirtFish Championship

RX Lites Regional Ice Racing Championship

RX Lites Regional UK Championship


British Classic Showdown

Donington AJM Challenge

Funhaver Challenge Trophy

Highlands Lakeside Trophy

Italian Stallion Redline Trophy

Mercedes Winter Wildlands

Momo Horse Thief Mile

Mustang Power Showdown

Touring the Glen

US Track Day Trophy

Winter Huracan Challenge

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